Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Rumors of My Outting...

...have been greatly exaggerated.

It's been a while. A long while. And despite the comments speculating about my absence, nothing huge is happening and I have no inside info. Sometimes life just piles up: work, family, extended family, travel, work travel, personal issues, on so on. No reason for not posting other than just having too much other stuff to do and not making the time. When I did have some time, I was just too tired and needed to focus on other things and on some people. Not good for a blogger to do, but unavoidable. I could have just dropped a note in. But I wanted to post more than a note. Point is, I'm still around and have not been shut down.

Regarding all the speculation on Bill S. leaving, I'm kind of enjoying all the rumors. I don't know why he left, and neither do you. One person posted a comment claiming to have seen the "secret document" that details why he left. While I doubt that's true, I won't post confidential info. If that person actually did have access to personal information I would hope they would have better discretion.

Some of you are speculating about layoffs later this year. I haven't heard anything inside the company. Not ever rumors. Some of you are going to hate reading this, but imo IT is still a little too fat. I don't want to get laid off, and I don't want you to get laid off. But can those of you in IT honestly tell me you don't know of one or two areas where we could trim down without significant negative impact? If this happens, I hope it's more targeted and well thought out that the previous layoffs. It would be ideal if we could let attrition take care of this, but I don't see many people leaving. No rumor here, just my opinion.

A lot going on that I hope to start posting about shortly. I'm obviously late in posting about the new people focus in IT, which is now not so new. I haven't seen a ton of follow up on this, but attitudes seem to be a lot better. Are we going to hear more about this? Is someone off in a back room trying to figure out how to make things better? Could be I just missed an announcement or two. I have seen some management shake ups taking place. One rumor I heard was that IT was no longer going to tolerate crappy people managers and would move them to other jobs. If this is true, it might explain a couple of the announcements I've seen.

I'm amazed and surprised that some of you still care enough to chide me for not posting. I should have more time available going forward. But every time I've thought this recently there has been a setback. I plan to start posting again.