Monday, October 16, 2006

! Free Speech Zone

I've been doing some unexpected traveling which has kept me from posting regularly. I'll try to get a few posts in this week, but first I need to do more housekeeping. I'm still behind on e-mail, so if you haven't gotten a reply from me yet please be patient.

Moderated comments are enabled on this blog, so they don't become visible until I OK them. I can either publish them or ignore them, but I can't edit them. I went with moderated comments rather than just allowing them to automatically post due to a concern about people mentioning non-public figures sharing confidential information.

Over the weekend someone submitted a comment that I won't post. The commenter was recently laid off and was making a point about why he may have been targeted. I was sorry to read that he was redeployed, and his point was valid. But then he went on to make an judgmental comment about an unrelated group of people. I considered publishing the comment then responding to to it, but I caught myself. Anyone is free to think or write whatever they want about other people, but this isn't the place to do it. I won't post my political or religious views here and I won't allow them to be included in comments. This isn't a free speech zone.

A few have asked about getting an RSS feed from this blog, so I added a subscribe button on the right. There is also an email subscribe option for those who want it. I would opt to use something other than my work email address for this. Note that won't see any of these email addresses and won't do anything with them if I did.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. That kind of thing has no place here.

I am equally glad that you are still employed. I kind of wondered when you had a gap in posts. Was curious if you were just keeping your head down and out of the line of fire, so to speak.

Have a good one!
A Rule of 75 wife...

Anonymous said...

But this comment from your previous post was OK, huh? *This* is the place to sound off on such things?!

"This may sound racist, but from my experience and observations, the large population of Indians at Intel (of which there is a huge % of today compared to 5-10 yrs ago) are notorious for much of this political crap. Must be their culture."

Intel IT Guy said...

I agree with you - to allow that comment to be published is inconsistent with what I wrote in this post. I wish I had considered it more carefully before approving it.

You may want this blog to be a sounding board for political, racial, or religious beliefs, but I don't. So it won't be.

Thanks for calling me on the inconsistency.