Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Paul is the walrus...

What is Paul Otellini (Intel President and CEO) and his staff thinking? I'm sure Paul is a very bright guy. But I can't find any sense in how he and the other execs are managing the layoffs at Intel. It was April when I first heard that layoffs were coming. In May they let some people go, but told us there were still more cuts on the way. In July 1000 managers were fired, and we were reminded again that more cuts were coming in September. In early September we were told again that more cuts were going to happen soon. IT has said they'll inform people in early October. Really, they will.

Ok, we get it, you're going to fire more people. But could you, um, maybe get on with the firing already? Riddle: what happens when you tell 100K people that their jobs are at risk? Not much. Which is exactly what is happening in the groups that are awaiting layoff announcements. Please fire some of us so that those of us who aren't fired can get back to making Intel successful.

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