Thursday, October 26, 2006

Parallax Blog

I almost can't believe that I'm going to blog about blogs, but I am. While I hate to divert eyeballs away from my own blog, I will risk it to mention a few recent blogs and blog entries that offer a different view of Intel and this blog. For any of you who haven't seen or read about it, Intel has some IT folks writing external blogs. And most amazingly, IT asked Jeff M. to be one of these bloggers. Jeff is known for writing an internal blog that is insightful, sardonic, sometimes hysterical, and that often pushes right through the envelope.

Josh of the (non-anonymous) TinyScreenfuls blog has decided to entertain all questions about Intel. You may want to swing by and see what kind of responses he's getting and posting. I expect it will generate a lot of interesting traffic. Kudos Josh.

And PentrinoIV of The Unofficial Intel Blog wrote a post about my post about this not being a free speech zone. I guess opinions are now like blogs, as everyone seems to have one.

I have to wonder (conceitedly) if the external blogs, and especially the inclusion of Jeff as a blogger, has anything to do with the rest of us out here blogging. Is it possible that someone at Intel decided that if people are going to read about Intel, that it may as well be on I have no idea, and I tend to doubt that there would be a direct cause and effect. But if there is, that's the best impact I could hope for.

And to answer a question I got in email, I don't know any of these bloggers personally. And while I appreciate the image, we don't all hang out together at Starbucks in our sweatpants, laptops open, blogging away in a caffeine fueled, techno-speaking geekfest. (And yes, I know it's possible for me to know Pentrino VI and not realize it since we're both anonymous. One thing you learn working with a ton of smart, competitive people who specialize in logic [aka nerds] is that if you aren't exact and explicit, you get called on it.)


Jeff Moriarty said...

I don't think Intel's intent was to counter the non-sanctioned blogs. The external effort was in place for a while, and they were really focused on getting more "formal" blog posters than what I ended up doing.

I have wondered if they gave me an external blog to try and get me to moderate myself a bit more, but who knows. There's always been a difference between what I would say internally vs externally, as I see you have as well.

Keep up the good work!

Intel IT Guy said...

Thanks for the opinion Jeff. Interesting take on why they may have ask you to blog externally. I'm thinking that you've become such a phenom that JJ sees you as an unstoppable force he'd rather have working for him than against him. (It's possible.) You keep up the good work as well.